Tuesday, February 11, 2020

PMF Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

PMF - Essay Example New opportunities – Every business has to constantly look out for ways it can expand the base of its customer. Therefore, new opportunities are created by use of better communication skills especially in writing or else this can limit oneself the chance for success. Effects of changing the framework - this enables an organization to allow adjustments, and respond to changes made on objectives, of the organization. Participation in management change and process improvement projects and initiatives. As well as providing recommendations to develop and enhance existing systems and controls. Determining data systems and process solutions that addresses business needs, and enhancing developed methods for implementation. How these activities have prepared me for a PMF position with the Federal Government? From these activities, my day to day skills on management are enhanced through a significant understanding of the business strategy. My increased knowledge in business has enabled m e to be better equipped when dealing with complicated business management. There is a great enhancement on my ability to manage, motivate and lead other workers. Through the projects, working with the federal government can help gain valuable consultation designed particularly for its needs. These activities have offered me the exposure to various federal departments through a position at PMF. I have the opportunity to make connections with mentors of a senior level. The different projects I indulged in have prepared me psychologically to deal with more challenging tasks imminent in a PMF position. The leadership roles prevalent in the special projects have enhanced and prepared me to demonstrate my leadership ability and potential once I have become a PMF. I am at a better position as a budget analyst to work on several projects that I could not get access to while on the leeway. The business financial matters are important in a PMF position hence as a business analyst my capabilit ies will form a basis in solving financial matters eminent in the business industry. How I have demonstrated my commitment to public service? It is such an inspiration for me to work for the public service as I am willing to commit myself and serve my country as well as my fellow citizens. I have always desired to work in the public service especially for the government as I see it like a privilege to use my skills and help other people. This commitment developed into a career path when I was on internship at Clothing and Textiles Company whereby I created the annual budget plan of 2012 for the company, which was successfully approved by the board of trustees and the CEO was amazed by what I had structured as well. To start with, I ensured that I have followed a well structured idea of the duties a budget analyst should perform. I had to ensure that every department adhered in accordance with the company’s procedures and policies. I saw to it that the company’s managem ent was provided with a good analysis regarding budgetary issues and ensured the financial data was readily available for the company’s decision making. I made sure that the estimation of the budget was adequate and reasonable at the same time. I developed policies and guidelines which would help govern the maintenance of using these budgets. From time to time I conducted

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